Individual Projects

This is a page where us children can publish any game they have created. (With a few rules, of course!). It can be any type of game(Pacman games, shooting games, etc) and we can use anything we need. It’s a wonderful place to let our creativity run wild and apply our coding skills. We hope you enjoy what we have created. Jacob T.

Here’s Veg Bang by Jacob.

Here’s Croc Hunters by Aimee, Ava B and Scarlett

This is Rocket Ball by Oscar. It’s a two player game. Use the arrow keys and 8,2,4,6 to control.

Henry S has been working really hard on his version of the classic game, ‘Pacman’. See how many tokens you can eat before you lose your three lives.

Evie’s project is called Bumble Ball.
Collect as many balls as you can without getting stung!

Rory’s game is called ‘Save the Treasure’. It’s a reaction game. Use keys 1,2,3,4 and 5. How quick are your fingers?

Hello, Tom here and I have made a 1 and 2 player Stick Wars game! Here are the controls:
Player1(blue)                                                   Player2(yellow)
S=down                                                            Down arrow=down
W=up                                                                Up arrow= up
Space= Shoot                                                    Right arrow=shoot
E= Grenade                                                       0=grenade
G= Spitfire call                                                 G=spitfire call
D= Call in tank
A= Fire when in tank
Q=get in tank(you have to be touching it)
X=Evacuate Tank

Click the shop sprite to go in shop and click again(it should say exit)
to get out of the shop. you get 1 to 4 tokens if you kill a normal guy and you get 3 to 8 tokens if you kill a grenadier.

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