Year 4 2018-19

UPDATE: Scratch 3.0 is not supported by many browsers. We recommend using Microsoft Edge to play the games below.

This is James’ shooting game. Aim with the mouse and use the space bar to shoot the ballerinas, but be careful not to shoot the unicorn or you will lose points! You have 20 seconds to reach 15 kills, otherwise it’s game over!

Lily has created a Pokemon based game. Simply click the green flag to get started and follow the on-screen instructions.

Esme has called her game ‘Shoot Mom’s Prize Watermellons!’ To aim, ust the mouse and shoot by pressing space. Don’t shoot your brother, otherwise he’s telling Mom! You get 20 seconds to splat as many watermellons as possible.

Florence’s game is called ‘Snowman Melter’. The controls are the same as above. Youy have to shoot snowmen, but avoid the reindeer or you’ll lose points. You have 100 seconds. How many points can you get?

Amelie’s game is called ‘Little Bear’. You have to try to shoot the bears and avoid the dog. You have 2 minutes to get as many points as possible. Good luck!

Edie’s game is ‘Elephant Kills Princesses’ (Edie is not a fan of princesses!)
You have 2 mins to shoot as many princesses as possible. Enjoy!

Noa has created a game called ‘Don’t you dare, Mr Ghoul!’
You have 1 minute to shoot all the scary ghouls, but don’t hit the heart or, you’ll lose a point.
Hope you enjoy!

John’s shooting game is called Kill the Dragons. You get 40 seconds to shoot as many dragons as possible.

Maya has created a game called Ballerina Burst. You have to pop the ballerina as many times as possible in one minute. Be careful not to hit the dog!!

this is Seren’s game. It’s call ‘SPLAT!’

Ollie’s game is called Shoot the fish. Same idea as above, but he’s chosen not to include a timer as ‘I don’t like to be rushed!’

Enjoy (at your leisure!)

Ben’s game is called ‘Shoot the laptop to annoy Dad!’ You have to shoot the laptop, but watch out for the basketball or you’ll lose points. If you go below 0 points, it’s game over!

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